Hypnotherapy is Hypnosis and Therapy combined and through this process of relaxation of mind, body, and spirit the subconscious and conscious minds come into balance through the "therapy", making positive changes, empowerment and self-healing from within.  Modifications also occur to "habits" or "behavior" bringing about a transformation or positive influence for empowerment and self healing. 

There is in each of us a subconscious mind that is the repository of all life experiences, and powerfully controls our attitudes, habits and behavior.  Each person possesses two levels of wisdom- that which has been accumulated through personal learning and experience and that which is universally available to all.  

The Conscious mind is only about 10% of your intelligence and the other 90% of your intelligence is the Subconscious mind.  Through the WISDOM CENTER METHOD, its process is one of helping the client to remove blocks and obstacles in the subconscious mind that prevent healing.  By doing this we get to the root of the problem and remove it, therefore the client can heal and move on to accomplish their life's goals. 

A variety of healing therapy programs are available.

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